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1910 Federal Census Head of Household Index for Washburn Co.
   (and others in the same household with different surnames)

Surnames Beginning with "N"

NABBEN Benard 22 M W Norway Spooner 68 B
NABBEN Emil 31 M W Norway Spooner 68 B
NEIL Thomas 68 M W Canada Shell Lake 57 B
NEIMAN Hallie 20 F W Wisconsin Shell Lake 61 A
NEIMAN Richard 65 M W Germany Bashaw 9 B
NEIORENN Martha H 19 F W Wisconsin Spooner (2nd Ward) 88 B
NELSON Anna 18 F W Wisconsin Spooner (1st Ward) 80 B
NELSON Carl P 47 M W Denmark Sarona 43 A
NELSON Charles 46 M W Sweden Trego 76 A
NELSON Charlie G 42 M W Sweden Spooner (1st Ward) 84 A
NELSON Eddie 25 M W Wisconsin Bashaw 12 A
NELSON Even 49 M W Norway Stinnett 99 A
NELSON Helen 23 F W Norway Spooner (3rd Ward) 96 A
NELSON John 13 M W Illinois Barronette 3 A
NELSON Lars 28 M W Norway Stinnett 99 A
NELSON Oscar 39 M W Michigan Loomis 51 A
NELSON Paul 37 M W Sweden Bashaw 9 A
NELSON William T 65 M W Indiana Brooklyn Twp 18 A
NELSTON Charles 43 M W Ohio Spooner (3rd Ward) 93 B
NESLE Louis B 45 M W Sweden Springbrook 35 A
NESS Christian 46 M W Norway Spooner 69 A
NESS Elsie 12 F W Norway Spooner 69 A
NESS Henry G 17 M W Norway Spooner 68 B
NESS Martha 19 F W Norway Casey Twp 20 A
NESTE Christina 16 F W Wisconsin Spooner (1st Ward) 83 B
NEVEASH Billargeesvis 70 M I Wisconsin Long Lake 54 A
NEVEASH Joseph 60 M I Wisconsin Loomis 53 A
NEWBY Frank H 38 M W Iowa Loomis 50 A
NEWELL Floyd 32 M W Wisconsin Spooner 71 B
NEWELL Hiram G 43 M W Pennsylvania Spooner 72 A
NEWELL Mortimer A 78 M W Pennsylvania Spooner 71 B
NEWMAN Ann E 44 F W England Springbrook 35 A
NEWMAN Robert E 30 M W Wisconsin Springbrook 35 A
NEWSOM William H 32 M W Minnesota Springbrook 37 A
NEWTON Charley B 25 M W Michigan Trego 77 B
NICHOLS Orin W 70 M W Kentucky Stinnett 100 B
NICHOLS Robert 53 M W United States Stone Lake 103 A
NICHOLS Sidney 30 M W Wisconsin Evergreen 8 A
NIELSON Niels C 20 M W Denmark Springbrook 34 B
NILSEN Nils 40 M W Norway Loomis 50 A
NOBLE John S 77 M W New York Spooner (2nd Ward) 90 A
NOGGLE George W 33 M W Michigan Stinnett 99 B
NOGGLE John W 57 M W Wisconsin Stinnett 100 A
NOLAN Mary 54 F W New York Brooklyn Twp 18 A
NOLAN William 32 M W Wisconsin Shell Lake 55 B
NOLEN John E 33 M W Wisconsin Gull Lake 34 A
NOMOE John 34 M W Michigan Brooklyn Twp 19 A
NOORE Frank S 41 M W Illinois Spooner 71 A
NORBY Norman C 19 M W Wisconsin Shell Lake 58 A
NORDEAN Cornelia 49 F W Minnesota Bashaw 11 A
NORDHOLM Gust 50 M W Sweden Minong Twp 28 B
NORDHOLM John E 29 M W Sweden Minong Twp 29 A
NORTH Phillip 24 M W Minnesota Shell Lake 62 A
NORTH George N 53 M W Wisconsin Spooner 72 A
NORTON Milford 25 M W Wisconsin Spooner (3rd Ward) 93 A
NYBERG Claus 34 M W Sweden Barronette 2 B
NYBERG Emil 42 M W Sweden Barronette 2 B
NYBERG Martin 38 M W Norway Spooner 68 B
NYMAN Claus E 62 M W Sweden Chicog Twp 16 B
NYREN Axel C 36 M W Sweden Springbrook 37 A


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