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1910 Federal Census Head of Household Index for Washburn Co.
   (and others in the same household with different surnames)

Surnames Beginning with "O"

OBERG Max 48 M W Sweden Casey Twp 20 B
OBERG Robert 26 M W Sweden Spooner (1st Ward) 81 A
OBRIEN Phillip 32 M W England Stinnett 100 A
OBRY Olaus 34 M W Norway Chicog Twp 16 A
OCONNOR Frank P 33 M W Iowa Minong Twp 29 B
OEHLKE Mary A Mrs 50 F W Wisconsin Springbrook 36 B
OESTREICH Louis 21 M W Wisconsin Spooner 68 B
OKNOCK Minnie M 23 F W Wisconsin Spooner (3rd Ward) 93 B
OKONEK Joseph F 34 M W Wisconsin Spooner 67 A
OLEARY Loretta E 9 F W Wisconsin Spooner (2nd Ward) 89 A
OLESON Hakaan 62 M W Sweden Bashaw 9 B
OLESON Ned Oleson 17 M W Wisconsin Bashaw 9 B
OLESON Ole 44 M W Sweden Springbrook 35 B
OLESON Peter 38 M W Norway Barronette 3 A
OLESON Sivert 45 M W Norway Barronette 3 A
OLIN Archibald C 59 M W Wisconsin Loomis 47 A
OLIN Fred F 14 M W Michigan Long Lake 39 A
OLSEN Peter 37 M W Sweden Shell Lake 56 A
OLSEN Siver 36 M W Wisconsin Loomis 51 B
OLSON Andrew 41 M W Norway Stinnett 100 A
OLSON Carl 35 M W Sweden Spooner (1st Ward) 80 A
OLSON Christ 45 M W Norway Spooner (1st Ward) 80 B
OLSON Christian 27 M W Norway Stinnett 100 A
OLSON Elmer 24 M W Wisconsin Spooner (2nd Ward) 90 A
OLSON Frank 50 M W Sweden Frog Creek 23 B
OLSON Fredrick 39 M W Sweden Trego 76 B
OLSON Gust 60 M W Sweden Evergreen 6 A
OLSON Hans 60 M W Norway Spooner 67 B
OLSON John 44 M W Sweden Shell Lake 56 B
OLSON John E 34 M W Sweden Bashaw 13 D
OLSON John H 26 M W Wisconsin Loomis 51 B
OLSON John M 64 M W Sweden Spooner 71 B
OLSON Josephine 19 F W Wisconsin Shell Lake 58 B
OLSON Louis 43 M W Sweden Spooner 72 B
OLSON Melvin 16 M W Wisconsin Stinnett 100 B
OLSON Mons A 56 M W Norway Spooner 71 A
OLSON Nels 57 M W Sweden Barronette 3 A
OLSON Nels 56 M W Denmark Spooner 68 B
OLSON Neva A 5 F W Wisconsin Spooner 74 A
OLSON Oscar 14 M W Wisconsin Evergreen 6 A
OLSON Peter S 38 M W Norway Minong Twp 31 B
OLSON Sofus I 31 M W Norway Long Lake 40 B
ONEIL Katherine 21 F W Wisconsin Shell Lake 57 B
OROURKE Moarice 39 M W Wisconsin Spooner (3rd Ward) 93 A
ORR Rodney L 59 M W Michigan Minong Twp 27 B
OSBOURNE Wesley 15 M W South Dakota Barronette 4 A


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