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1910 Federal Census Head of Household Index for Washburn Co.
   (and others in the same household with different surnames)

Surnames Beginning with "R"

RACE Effie L 11 F W Minnesota Gull Lake 33 B
RADERMACHER Harley A 24 M W Wisconsin Spooner (3rd Ward) 93 B
RADTKE Carl 27 M W Germany Shell Lake 61 A
RAFFERTY Mary 81 F W Ireland Shell Lake 61 A
RAGHES Albert L 59 M W Massachusetts Shell Lake 57 A
RAMSDELL Russel T 57 M W Illinois Spooner (1st Ward) 82 A
RANDALL Francis M 64 M W Ohio Spooner 69 A
RANDALL Martin 46 M W Norway Spooner 69 A
RANDALL Willis A 46 M W New York Minong Twp 27 B
RANDELL Jessie G 18 F W Minnesota Spooner (2nd Ward) 87 A
RANONY Fred J 31 M W Scotland Shell Lake 62 A
RAPPLEE Charles 50 M W Wisconsin Minong Twp 30 B
RAPPLEE William H 45 M W Wisconsin Minong Twp 30 A
RASHEK James 38 M W Austria Sarona 43 A
RASK Andra J 40 M W Sweden Spooner (1st Ward) 84 B
RASS John 67 M W Scotland Barronette 4 B
RAUCHSTADT William A 50 M W Germany Spooner 72 B
REBO Rudolph H 47 M W Germany Stone Lake 103 B
RECE Georgiana 23 F W Wisconsin Shell Lake 61 A
REED Francis 25 F W Wisconsin Spooner (1st Ward) 83 A
REEDE Sarah 67 F W Ireland Shell Lake 58 A
REID Minnie 43 F W Minnesota Shell Lake 58 A
REIGEL Henry E 23 M W Wisconsin Stinnett 98 B
REINECKE Fritz C 53 M W Germany Loomis 49 A
REINHART Charles 46 M W Illinois Barronette 4 A
RENGHAND Annie 58 F W Germany Shell Lake 60 A
RENO Howard 51 M W Minnesota Stinnett 101 A
REVOY Harriett 62 F W Wisconsin Spooner (3rd Ward) 92 B
RHODES Alonzo 16 M W Wisconsin Brooklyn Twp 18 B
RHODES Donald 7 M W Wisconsin Stinnett 100 A
RHODES James W 56 M W Maine Casey Twp 19 B
RHODES John 45 M W Ohio Stinnett 100 A
RICH Mike 26 M W Italy Spooner (2nd Ward) 88 B
RICH Sarifino 44 M W Italy Spooner (3rd Ward) 92 A
RICH Toney 28 M W Italy Spooner (1st Ward) 81 A
RICHARD Joseph 49 M W Canada Minong Twp 29 A
RICHARDSON Albert L 31 M W Wisconsin Spooner (2nd Ward) 87 B
RICHARDSON Luna L 44 M W Wisconsin Spooner (2nd Ward) 90 A
RICHARDSON Stephen S 52 M W Minnesota Shell Lake 55 A
RICHART Charles F 44 M W Michigan Minong Twp 27 A
RICHART Frederick SR 68 M W Pennsylvania Minong Twp 28 A
RICHES Paul R 36 M W Switzerland Spooner (1st Ward) 82 B
RICK Emil O 42 M W Germany Spooner (2nd Ward) 88 A
RICKARD Jay B 60 M W New York Loomis 50 A
RIES Karl G 24 M W Indiana Shell Lake 55 B
RILEY Katherine 24 F W Wisconsin Spooner (3rd Ward) 96 A
RILEY Thomas J 44 M W Canada Spooner (2nd Ward) 89 A
RISER Leroy 8 M W Wisconsin Gull Lake 33 A
RISHER Frank C 30 M W Pennsylvania Shell Lake 59 A
RITTER Royal 6 M W Wisconsin Spooner 72 B
ROBERTS Charlie N 18 M W Wisconsin Spooner (3rd Ward) 92 B
ROBERTS Martimer V 32 M W Iowa Spooner (1st Ward) 84 A
ROBERTS William O 56 M W Michigan Gull Lake 33 B
ROBINSON George 48 M W Wisconsin Trego 78 B
ROBINSON Harold H 21 M W Wisconsin Spooner (3rd Ward) 93 B
RODEN Joseph P 52 M W Wisconsin Spooner 72 A
ROEBKE Herman 46 M W Germany Chicog Twp 17 A
ROESER Albert M 17 M W Wisconsin Sarona 45 A
ROESER Herman J 28 M W Wisconsin Sarona 45 A
ROESER John G 31 M W Wisconsin Sarona 45 A
ROGERS Thomas 17 M W Wisconsin Barronette 4 B
ROHRER Louise 98 F W Missouri Minong Twp 28 A
RONNER William A 30 M W Wisconsin Shell Lake 57 A
ROSCOW Henry 55 M W Germany Evergreen 8 A
ROSE William 50 M W New York Shell Lake 56 A
ROSENBERG Louis H 31 M W (unk) Spooner (1st Ward) 82 B
ROSS Bomby 77 F W Italy Spooner (3rd Ward) 92 B
ROUCHSADT Ida 20 F W Wisconsin Shell Lake 60 A
ROWE Willis M 50 M W Wisconsin Sarona 43 B
RUHOLEY Littian M 19 F W Wisconsin Spooner (1st Ward) 83 B
RUOF George 56 M W Pennsylvania Bashaw 12 B
RUPP Gust G 33 M W Austria Sarona 44 A
RURUP John 44 M W Denmark Evergreen 6 B
RUSSELL Deborah C 65 F W New York Spooner (2nd Ward) 86 A
RUSSELL Frank 63 M W Pennsylvania Stinnett 98 B
RUSSELL Henry 65 M W New York Stinnett 100 A
RUSSELL Mary C 64 F W Canada Minong Twp 28 A
RUWEY Anna F 55 F W Germany Stinnett 98 A
RUWEY Joseph 64 M W Germany Stinnett 98 A
RYAN Andrew 49 M W Ireland Shell Lake 63 B
RYAN James 46 M W Wisconsin Stone Lake 103 A
RYAN James P 59 M W Vermont Spooner (3rd Ward) 94 A
RYBERG Gus 46 M W Sweden Bashaw 9 A
RYBERG Oscar A 34 M W Sweden Barronette 3 A
RYBERG Oscar E 26 M W Wisconsin Barronette 3 B
RYEBERG Claus 35 M W Sweden Barronette 1 B
RYEBURG John 53 M W Sweden Barronette 2 A
RYEBURG Peter 42 M W Sweden Barronette 2 A
RYNESH Susan 33 F W Germany Trego 78 B
RYNKER George 43 M W (unk) Trego 78 B


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