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1910 Federal Census Head of Household Index for Washburn Co.
   (and others in the same household with different surnames)

Surnames Beginning with "V"

VANBUSKIRK Frank M 47 M W New York Spooner (2nd Ward) 89 B
VANCLEAF George 48 M W New York Bashaw 11 A
VANDERBURG Betsey 58 F W Sweden Shell Lake 56 A
VANDERBURG Elmer D 17 M W Wisconsin Shell Lake 56 A
VANDUSEN Jerry 37 M W Michigan Spooner (3rd Ward) 96 B
VANDUYNE Fred (unk) M W Minnesota Spooner (1st Ward) 80 B
VANETTAN Charles 59 M W Michigan Bashaw 10 A
VANORMAN Lucy 76 F W Indiana Shell Lake 61 B
VASSAW John 66 M W Canada Shell Lake 58 A
VAYER George 54 M I Canada Shell Lake 65 B
VEILLEUX Anselme 68 M W Canada Minong Twp 28 B
VEYER George 54 M W Canada Shell Lake 63 A
VIBERG Gust 46 M W Sweden Shell Lake 62 B
VILILA John 32 M W Italy Spooner (3rd Ward) 94 A
VINING Ruth A 64 F W Iowa Shell Lake 60 B
VISCUE Toney 37 M W Italy Spooner (3rd Ward) 91 B
VISTEO Joseph 17 M W Italy Spooner (3rd Ward) 95 A
VOGLER William 27 M W Germany Shell Lake 61 A
VOSBURGH Rosco E 26 M W Wisconsin Shell Lake 63 B


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