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1920 Federal Census for the Town of Bashaw, Washburn Co.

Donated by Robin Helman

The following is a partial listing of the 1920 Town of Bashaw Census:

    (w = wife, d = daughter, s = son, b = brother, f = father, m = mother)

        ABBOT, Jomen (?) -Lovina (w)
        ADAM, Alois
        BERGGUIST, Gust
        BIVIS, John T
        BLOOD, Nathan - Georgia (w), Fern (d), Nathan (s), Ronald STEPHENS (step-son)
        BOFFERDING, John
        BONDAL, Henry
        BOOTH, Mrs. Nancy
        BROWN, Charley
        BROWN, Robert - Clara (w), George (s), Willie (s), Floyd (s), Esther (d), Vernon (s)
        BROWN, Roy - Laura (w), Archie (s), Dovie (d), Elvira (d)
        BUSH, Clarence
        BUSH, Fred
        CABLE, Jim H.
        CARLSON, A.V.
        CARTER, Ma___(?)
        CLAPP, Frank - Anna (w), Frank (s), Marie (d), Anton (s), Katherine (d), Joseph (s)
        CLEMENT, Frank
        CONANT, Nels - Carrie (w), Clifford (s), Everett (s), Gladys (d)
        CULBERTSON, Louis - Emma (w)
        DAHLSTROM, Erick
        DAVIE, Fred
        DAVIS, Winfield
        DEGIM(?), Rudolph
        FIHN, Frank E - Hilina (w), Ruth M. (d), Frencis (d), Irvin O. (b)
        GARDNER, Frank
        GARKE, Carl - Lydia (w), Minnie BINZINE (?) (aunt), Albert GARKE (f)
        GIBBS, Leslie
        GIBSON, Preston S. -Martha (w)
        GILLAS, Mike
        GISLER(?), George
        GLAU, Julius
        GOOR, William H. - Minnie (w), Alfred (s)
        GRAVIN, T. M.
        GREER, John A.
        HAGER, Alfred
        HAGES, Isabell
        HALRITH, John
        HASS, Gust
        HAWKINSON, Ole
        JENSEN, George
        JESSE, Henry - Phoebe (w), Earl (s), Vera (d), Opal (d), Lyle (s), Ross (s), Edna (d)
        JOHNSON, Charles
        JOHNSON, Hugo - Francis (w), Pearl (d), Bernice (d), Charles Peterson (f-i-l)
        JOHNSON, Gustave
        JOHNSON, John A
        KENOSHA, John
        KINDER, E.L. - Mary (w), Laura (d), Agnes (d), Paul (s), Raymond (s)
        KLINGER, Ernest - Antonia (w), Herbert (s), Grace (d), Hazel (d), Ernest (s), Vern (s)
        LIVINGSTON, Frank - James (s), Charles (s), James (s), Earl (s)
        LOMBARD, Ben
        LUKEN, Martin - Caroline (w)
        MARCHUS, Hona
        MARX, Jacob
        MATTSON, Harry
        MAUSHAMER, Lav(?) With Hugo LAWRENCE
        McCORMICK, George
        McCULLOCK, John W.
        MITKO, Peter
        MURRAY, Robert
        MUSTER, Joseph - Susana (w), Marion (d), Marguitz (d), Joseph Jr. (s)
        NELSON, S.J. - Elenor A. (w), R Tloy(?) (s), Nels E. (s)
        NORDIN, Ernest - Minnie (w), Orphis(?) (d)
        OLSON, Louis -wife/Emmali
        OTTOSEN, Nels
        O'CONNER, Frank P
        O'CONNER, Charles
        PUTZ, John H.
        RINHART,___(?), Matilda (w), Earl (s)
        ROLF, Adolf
        RYAN, Patrick J.,- Margurit (w), Earl (s), Vivian (d), Veronica (d)
        SARGENT, William
        SCHRALL, Charles
        SJOBEN,Tilda - Hardy (s), Hubert (s), Lawrence (s), Ellwood (s), Elinor (d),Elvira (d)
        SLAW, Bert F. - Della (w), Eugene (s)
        SPIAR(?), Britht
        STRAND, Maria
        SWAN, H. L.
        TEMPELTON, Kate - Grover Smith (s)
        THARBUL, Charles B
        THIBEDEAU, Moses(?)
        TINSLEY, La___(?)
        TOLL, Ernest
        TRIPP, Clyde
        Van BUSKIRK, F. N.
        Van EATON, Charles - Elizabeth (w)
        Van ETTEN, Clifford
        WATTERN, G.F. - Blanche (w), Harrison (s)
        WAUK(?), John (taped over)
        WEST, William - Angie (w), Dewey (s)
        WICKHAM, L. C.
        WINANS, Emory
        WITTER, E. A.
        YOFF, Robert


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