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Veterans List - 1905 Census Enumeration

The following data has been compiled from the 1905 Wisconsin State Census Enumeration.  It shows the names of all men who had served in any branch of the military who were living in Washburn County as of 20 June 1905.
Names are transcribed as they appear on the census records.  No attempt will be made to correct spellings.

ACKLEY, Robert W Private Co G, Regt 9, Illinois Spooner
AUSTIN, John H Private Co K, Regt 19, Illinois Spooner
BAKER, Henry Sergeant Co F, Regt 145, Pennsylvania Shell Lake
BARBER, Albert Sergeant Co D, Regt 16, New York Shell Lake
BELL, Cram Private Co C, Regt 73, Indiana Spooner
BLOOD, G P Sergeant Co H, Regt 139, Illinois Spooner
BOOTH, George Private Co C, Regt 2, Infantry Spooner
BOURNE, William R Captain Co K, Regt 44, New York Shell Lake
BRISTBIN, Philander Private Co C, Regt 52, Illinois Spooner
BULL, Norman B Private Co A, Regt 32, Infantry Shell Lake
BURS, T T Private Co Q, Regt 7, Minnesota Spooner
BUSH, Z T Private Co A, Regt 193, Ohio Spooner
CABLE, Elmas L Private Co G, Regt 46, Illinois Spooner
CANTLEY, William H Private Co I, Regt 3, Iowa Shell Lake
CLARK, John Private Co A, Regt 95, Illinois Spooner
CLEMONS, Henry M Private Co L, Regt 2, Minnesota Springbrook
COMSTOCK, Lee Private Co B, Regt 17, Illinois Springbrook
CRAWFORD, George Private Co A, Regt 43, Infantry Spooner
DAVIS, Albert Private Co I, Regt 32, Iowa Spooner
DERUSHA, George Private Co B, Regt 17, New York Springbrook
DESJARDINS, Ernest Private Co F, Regt 38, Infantry Shell Lake
DEVEREUX, Michael ? Ord Dept Mass Spooner
DOOLITTLE, LaFayette Private Co 11, Regt 14, Infantry Shell Lake
FERGUSON, W S Private Co D, Regt 192, New York Springbrook
GAGE, Joseph Private Co L, Regt 11, Illinois Minong
GAY, Floyde Private Co H, Regt 92, Illinois Spooner
GODDARD, George Private Co D, Regt 30, Iowa Shell Lake
GOSLIN, John W Private Co A, Regt 8, Minnesota Minong
GRIFFIN, Peleg Corporal Co D, Regt 30, Infantry Shell Lake
GRIMES, Benjamin F Private Co G, Regt 8, Iowa Minong
HANSON, John Private Co F, Regt 5, Infantry Spooner
HARRISON, Smith Private Co H, Minnesota H A Spooner
HART, Thomas J Private Co A, Regt 46, Illinois Springbrook
HATHAWAY, Abiga A Private Co A, Regt 194, New York Springbrook
HILLMAN, T H Private Co H, Regt 65, Illinois Spooner
HURLBUT, C E Private Co C, Regt 10, Minnesota Springbrook
JANISH, Gregory Private Co K, Regt 16, Infantry Spooner
JONES, G L Sergeant Co K, Regt 30, Infantry Shell Lake
KALER, Elias Private Co M, Regt 1, Heavy Artillery Shell Lake
KAUN, William Private Co B, Regt 27, Pennsylvania Shell Lake
KINNEY, John Private Co I, Regt 51, Infantry Spooner
LOOMIS, Edward H Private Co F, Regt 42, Infantry Spooner
LUTES, John Private Co I, Regt 3, Infantry Shell Lake
MARSH, John Private Co I, Regt 32, Iowa Shell Lake
MATTISON, Edward Private Co I, Regt 151, Infantry Shell Lake
MILLS, Peter Private Co H, Regt 58, New York Shell Lake
MOODY, Lov Private Co E, Regt 13, Michigan Shell Lake
PULLEN, T W Sergeant Co F, Regt 114, Ohio Spooner
QUINLAN, John P Private Co F, Regt 9, Iowa Cavalry Spooner
ROBERTS, William H Private Co B, Regt 178, Ohio Spooner
SCHRICKER, John Henry Private Co O, Regt 16, Iowa Spooner
SMITH, Alfred Private Co E, Regt 19, Infantry Spooner
SMITH, William Private Co D, Regt 8, Minnesota Shell Lake
STOVER, E E Private Co L & A, Regt 2, Illinois Shell Lake
STRANGWAY, Robert Private Co A, Regt 150, Illinois Spooner
TAYLOR, William H Private Co E, Regt 1, Ohio Minong
TEMPLE, James Private Co I, Regt 3, Iowa Shell Lake
THOMAS, Leander E ? Co B & A, Minnesota, Heavy Artillery Shell Lake
THOMPKINS, J W Private Co C, Regt 2, Iowa Cavalry Spooner
TUTTLE, John P Sergeant Co D, Regt 53, Infantry Spooner
WESTERMEYER, George Corporal Co E & B, Regt 5, Infantry Shell Lake
WHITFORD, A D Private Co A, Regt 13, Michigan Shell Lake
WILCOX, Silas Private Co H, Regt 14 Shell Lake
WITT, James W Private Co K, Regt 37, Infantry Shell Lake
WYANT, William H Private Co D, Regt 25, Infantry


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