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Engwald R. Moe Post, American Legion, Spooner

- Source:  The Spooner Advocate, dated 06 Feb 1920, page 1

Engwald R. Moe Post, American Legion membership drive ends Feb 12th.  The program for that day being an initiation, banquet, basket ball game and dance.  Each present members [sic] is asked to get at least one new member to join on or before Feb 12th.

The following is a list of members as of 06 Feb 1920 along with their place of residence:

ANDERSON, A S - Minong
ASKAY, C - Spooner
ASKAY, J - Spooner
ATKINSON, G A - Spooner

BARRETT, S A - Spooner
BELL, G S - Tower Ave, Superior, Douglas Co
BERRY, C C - Stone Lake
BERGQUIST, A R - Shell Lake
BLAKE, W M - Spooner
BLAIR, G E - Spooner
BOHLMAN, G A - Shell Lake
BOHN, G A - Shell Lake
BRADLEY, J F - Spooner
BREWER, K - Minong
BROWN, C - Birchwood
BUCK, C J - Spooner
BUCKMAN, H R - Spooner
BUSCH, O - Minong
BUSCH, W E - New Richmond, St Croix Co
BUTTERS, J J - Spooner

CARLSON, C - Spooner
CHERRY, J W - Spooner
CLEMONS, Hugh - Spooner
CLEMONS, Rex L - Spooner
COOK, G C - Spooner
CROCKER, W C Jr - Spooner
CUTHBERT, R - Spooner

DEITMER, Jess - Trego
DEXTER, D P - Spooner
DONATELL, M F - Spooner

ENSIGN, J F - Springbrook
ERICKSON, E O - Birchwood
EVANS, Arthur L - Birchwood
EVANS, G W - Birchwood
EVERSON, M B - Haugen, Barron Co

FARRELL, Erwin J - Spooner
FIKE, Harold - Spooner
FORCHETTE, A - Spooner

GRANT, R F - Spooner
GRIMESEY, L - Spooner
GRUBBS, E G - Springbrook

HAYNES, E G - Spooner
HERBIN, W H - Shell Lake
HOUER, F E - Spooner
HODGDON, H E - Spooner
HOLTS, J H - Spooner
HUFF, L C - Spooner
HUNTLEY, W A - Spooner
HUNTLEY, W C - Spooner

ISABELLA, N M - Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co

JOHNSON, A E - West Duluth, St Louis Co, MN
JOHNSON, H - Spooner
JONES, C - Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co, IA
JORGENSON, D - Deer Park, St Croix Co
JORGENSON, H - Spooner

KENNEDY, F E - Barronett
KREINER, W - Spooner

LANKLE, L - Spooner
LARSON, C T - Spooner
LINDSEY, A W - Spooner
LINDHOLM, H G - Shell Lake
LINDQUIST, L F - Siren, Burnett Co
LOCKHART, C - Spooner
LOMBACK, C J - Lampson
LORD, I J - Spooner
LOURAGEAU, J T - Shell Lake
LUBBERS, H F - Stone Lake
LUKENS, C J - Washburn, Bayfield Co

MARROTTA, C - Spooner
McCARTY, J H - Shell Lake

McCARTY, M - Shell Lake
McSHANE, Joseph - Spooner
McSHANE, Wilfred - Spooner
MEYER, E E - Danville, Vermilion Co, IL
MEYER, R A - Spooner
MILLER, E R - Sarona
MINARD, A - Spooner
MISHLER, A F - Ashland, Ashland Co
MOREY, D P - Spooner
MURPHY C E - Spooner

NEIMAN, H - Shell Lake

NELSON, A - Spooner
NESS, G - Lampson
NESS, H J - Lampson
NESTE, A L - Springbrook
NOLEN, K C - Spooner
NORUD, O C - Shell Lake
NORTH, L L - Shell Lake

O'CONNELL, L E - Minong
O'CONNELL, J J - Spokane, Spokane Co, WA
O'DONNELL, C K - Hertel, Burnett Co
OLSON, J A - Shell Lake
OKONEK, V A - Spooner
OMERNIK, John T - Spooner

PAULSON, G W - Spooner
POLLOCK, C H - Wills, Bayfield Co ?
PRIEST, F - Spooner

RAABE, G - Spooner
RICE, C - Earl
RICE, J - Earl
RIPLINGER, W - Thayer, Newton Co, IN
ROBERTS, C N - Baltimore, Baltimore Co (?), MD
ROBERTS, P - Spooner

SAGE, B - Spooner
SAGE, O - Spooner
SANDERS, F - Hayward, Sawyer Co
SANTEERE, P - Rice Lake, Barron Co
SCALZO, N - Spooner
SCHAAF, E C - Spooner
SCHROEDER, A - Spooner
SCHROEDER, W - Spooner
SEAVER, M D - Stone Lake
SELVIG, M G - Spooner
SHAFFER, Henry - Spooner
SINCLEAR, G F - Spooner
SIEGNER, G - Spooner
SMITH, L A - Spooner
STROUF, A W - Stanberry
STUMP, G M - Eau Claire, Eau Claire Co
SWEATLAND, E A - Ferron Park, Burnett Co
SWEATLAND, G - Ferron Park, Burnett Co
SCHULLO, J - Spooner

TAYLOR, Fred J - Spooner
TEMPLETON, E A - Shell Lake
THATCHER, P A - Danbury, Burnett Co
THORSNESS, A W - Spooner
TRIPP, F H - Springbrook
TRUMBOWER, I R - Shell Lake
TULLY, Z - Spooner
TURNER, W B - Fifield, Price Co

WALKER, A - Spooner
WARE, C A - Chetek, Barron Co
WEBB, C W - Lampson
WELSH, F G - Spooner
WESTMAN, H E - Stone Lake
WILSON, E E - Spooner
WILSON, F G - Spooner
WILSON, J H - Spooner
WILSON, R W - Spooner
WISE, S N - Birchwood
WISNER, B A - Glenwood City, St Croix Co
WISNER, H R - Spooner
WITTEK, A E - Spooner
WOOD, J A - Gordon, Douglas Co

ZOLLIVER, W F - Stone Lake


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