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Naturalization Records

An example of a Petition for Naturalization form
The following is an example of the wording of a blank petition form:

THE PETITION OF _________________________ a native of ____________ respectfully showeth that your petitioner is about ___ years of age; that he emigrated from ______________________ and arrived in the United States of America, to-wit: at the port of ___________ on the month of ___________ A. D., ______ and that, in pursuance of an Act of Congress, entitled, "An Act to establish a uniform rule of Naturalization and to repeal the Acts heretofore passed on that subject," made a declaration of his intention to become a citizen, and a report and registry of his nativity, age, allegiance, emigration and arrival in the United States conformably to the said Act, before the ______________ Court for the ____________ on or about the ________ day of __________ A. D. _________, a certificate whereof is hereunto annexed, and that he has resided within the limits, and under the jurisdiction of the United States for five years last past, and for one year last past within the State of Wisconsin; that he has never borne any hereditary title, or been of the order of nobility in the kingdom whence he came, or elsewhere.  He therefore prays to be admitted to become a citizen of the United States.

I, ___________________________, the above named petitioner, do, on my solemn oath, declare that the contracts of my petition are true; that I will support the Constitutione of the United States; that I do hereby renounce and relinquish any title or order of nobility to which I am or hereafter may be entitled; and that I do absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign Prince, Potentate, State and Sovereignty whatever, and particularly to __________________________________________________ of whom I was before a subject.

Sworn in open Court this ________ day of ________ A. D. 18__


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