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1910 Federal Census Head of Household Index for Washburn Co.
   (and others in the same household with different surnames)

The enclosed census index has been compiled from the original 1910 Federal Census for Washburn County, Wisconsin and contains only the names of the head of each household along with any other surname that is different from the head of household.  If a husehold contained two families, then only the oldest of each of the surnames residing in that household will be listed, whether the oldest person is a child or an adult.  Names are typed here as they appear to be on the original census records.  As a result, there may be mis-spellings of names and you are encouraged to use a variety of spelling combinations when looking through these records for specific heads of households.  Please keep in mind that I am not out to 'change history' and will not make corrections of name spellings, as this is how the names appear on the actual census.  Some names are completely or partially unreadable.  These names are represented fully or partially with question marks (?).

All individuals listed here were found on Microfilm Roll #T624-1741, part 1.  Page and subpage numbers are included here for your use in finding the original records more easily.

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